Grant Requests

Please use the form below for all grant requests. Grant request forms should be completed by the Boosters team liaison in coordination with the head coach of the team making the request. The coach or liaison should then provide the completed form and information to the Director of Athletics and the school principal for review and preliminary approval. If preliminary approval is granted, the grant request is then submitted to the Boosters President for consideration at an upcoming Boosters meeting. Only written grant requests will be considered by Boosters. Grant requests of $1,000 or more require review and approval of the Boosters Board. Grant requests under $1,000 may be approved by the Boosters executive committee. Grant requests for a sport are generally considered in the middle of the season prior to the the season in which the sport is played. For more information, please contact your sport liaison.



Boosters Grant Request form in PDF.


Boosters Grant Request form in MS Word.