Reimbursement Guidelines for Team Expenses

All Team Expense Reimbursement Requests Must Go Through PHS ASB
 – Boosters never directly reimburses parents, coaches, or other stakeholders for team or other expenses. All reimbursement requests must go through the PHS Associated Student Body (ASB) per the PHS Reimbursement Guidelines.

Read the PHS Reimbursement Guidelines before making any expenditures that you wish to have reimbursed.

Download the PHS Athletics Reimbursement Form.

Questions? Contact the PHS athletics department for more information.


Boosters Volunteer Reimbursements – Boosters volunteers seeking reimbursement for expenses related to an internal Boosters project must obtain prior written approval from the Boosters president or treasurer before making any expenditures on behalf of Boosters and must present proof of payment and copies of any invoices or bills for the approved expenditure when seeking reimbursement.