Sponsorship Opportunities


Highlander Classic Golf & Tennis Tournament

PHS Boosters’ annual Highlander Classic is held in the fall of each year and is a critical fundraiser for Boosters. The Highlander Classic has multiple sponsorship opportunities for families and businesses to show their support of PHS Boosters and PHS Athletics. For more information, visit our Highlander Classic page.


William “Binks” Rawlings Gym Signage

PHS Boosters in partnership with Piedmont High School offers signage sponsorship opportunities in the main Binks Gym facility. Signs are displayed on a special lighted sign platform and are clearly visible to all gym participants and spectators. Sponsorships are good for one school season and can be purchased in advance for up to three years at a time.

Sponsorships are managed by PHS Boosters. For more information, please contact the PHS Boosters President or the Gym Signage Coordinator.